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She has manageable mental health issues so i keep hoping its a phase. She pretty much lives with her girlfriend and im really struggling with the situation. I find her revolting and although pretend to be supportive on the outside i actually wish she was dead. I did ask my daughter (who is 14) about it and told her i loved her no matter what. I will always love and support her whatever and just want her to be happy. Two years on from this, my daughter is enjoying a steady gay relationship with a girl two years older than she. They have been together over a year and to all intents and purposes, i have my daughter back. Her hair is long once more and she is back in her skinny jeans. She managed to attain her qualifications and has an interesting job. A few days back, her and a few friends went skinny-diping at the local pool. ) i didnt mind that cause ive been skinny-diping with friends before.   my daughter and sister have both chosen to have same sex partners and another daughter has chosen not to marry her partner. To live and teach them gods word , all of them made professions of faith and attended church with us , their father and i taught sunday school all of their lives until their dad died 3 years ago after over 40. Question i have a 20-year-old daughter who is gay and who has had the same wonderful girlfriend for three years. My daughter came out to my husband and i when she was 16 and we have been.   my daughter was 14 when she first told me she was a lesbian. We were walking up the drive to our house when she began to chant im gay, im gay, im gay.   the activist took to his instagram to recount when his daughter, dewy oputa, came out and told him she is a lesbian.

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