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  a grassroots social media campaign by gay and lgbtq people and allies to reclaim the hashtag proudboys from the white supremacist group.   the members of this tiny subculture on the radical right mainly men who inhabit web chat rooms like gay aryan resistance just cant seem to get any respect. After all, the real nazis murdered thousands of gay men and lesbians, and most people on the modern white supremacist right act pretty much as if theyd like to follow suit.   the gay community has launched a proudboys campaign online to reclaim the term from the white supremacist group by posting messages of gay pride. George takei, the famous actor and activist, shared an image with his husband brad and a message of support for the campaign that launched on sunday.   gay nazi, gay aryan, gay supremacist the terms seem like oxymorons. How can people join an organization that has sought to suppress or eradicate them? Its illogical.   the term white nationalist is often used to refer to those who support the future of the white race. This is not a troll post i was genuinely curious if anyone else was a gay white supremacist.   repeated warnings about the proud boys, and descriptions of them as a dangerous white supremacist group, were issued by members of the national network of counter-terrorist fusion centers.   asian-american claims to be a white supremacist who loves white boys on youtube. I dont know how any asian men in america can live with themselves without becoming gay. Many white supremacist groups are based on the concept of preserving genetic purity, and do not focus solely on discrimination based on skin color. The kkks reasons for supporting racial segregation are not primarily based on religious ideals, but some klan groups are openly protestant.   gay-for-pay, white supremacist adult film actor cameron diggs arrested in meth swat raid in dallas.

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